There is hereby created and established the office of City Administrator for the City of Louisburg. The City Administrator shall be appointed by the mayor by and with the consent of the governing body of the City of Louisburg. The City Administrator shall be appointed on the basis of qualifications and ability and shall serve under the direction and supervision of the governing body and mayor.

(Code 2016)

The City Administrator shall receive such compensation as may be determined from time to time by the governing body.

(Code 2016)

The City Administrator shall serve at the pleasure of the governing body, provided that the governing body may, by contract or otherwise, specify a specific term.

(Code 2016)

Except as otherwise provided by law or ordinance of the City of Louisburg, the City Administration shall:

(a)   Assist in the management of all the administrative departments and services of the city;

(b)   Make recommendations to the governing body as to personnel actions for city employees and administrative officers;

(c)   Assist in the preparation and submission of the annual budget to the governing body and to keep the governing body fully, completely, and timely advised as to the financial condition of the city and provided the basis for any annual audit;

(d)   Keep the governing body advised of all possible grants or other benefits and of any and all changes and improvements which the Administrator feels may be of benefit to the municipality.;

(e)   Assist in the preparation of all forms authorized or required by the State or Federal Government;

(f)   Exercise general supervision and control over all city purchases and expenditures in accordance with the budget and such policies as established by the governing body;

(g)   Recommend to the governing body a schedule of salaries for all officers and employees on a yearly basis;

(h)   Have the care and management of all city-owned land, property, buildings, and equipment.

(i)    Develop and prepare in conjunction with the governing body and planning commission such planning, short-range as well as long-range, as the governing body shall request and shall submit such planning to the governing body;

(j)    Attend, unless excused, all meetings of the governing body, planning commission, and such other meetings of commissions and other organizations, as the governing body shall designate and shall regularly report on the status of the city and its services to the governing body;

(k)   Make such recommendations to the governing body as are deemed necessary for effective administration of all city services;

(l)    Make such recommendations to the governing body as are deemed necessary and expedient to improve the health, safety, or welfare of the city or to improve administrative services;

(m)  Be responsible for the proper and efficient discharge of the duties of all city administrative officers and employees;

(n)   Coordinate Federal and State Programs which may have application to the city;

(o)   Perform such other duties as the governing body may direct;

(p)   At no time shall the duties or powers of the City Administrator supersede the action and power of the mayor and governing body.

(Code 2016)